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  • Secure your porch or outdoor living area

  • A cost-effective room addition 

  • No need to add new posts and   supports

  • Use it to provide a screened-in area 

  • Can be used as a walkway cover

  • Enclose and secure parking areas

Porch enclosures let you secure an exterior area from burglars and bugs.

They cannot be pried open, kicked down or cut; ensuring your patio or deck area is safe and secure.

The porch enclosure screens can reach from floor to ceiling eliminating the need for railings. Enclosures are 
custom designed and built to complement your home and to meet your specific needs, providing your family the protection and peace of mind.

A secured porch, deck or fenced area will allow you to keep your regular windows and doors open to help keep your home cooler in the summer and enjoy fresh air all year round without compromising your safety or security. 


Designed to Fit Existing Structures.

The product can fit existing posts, and panels caneven be linked back-to-back to form their own T-shaped posts, meaning no new posts are necessary.

Concealed Fasteners. Snap-on covers conceal the product’s fastener and enhance the smooth looks of the patio enclosure.

Anti-Jimmy Leg/Gap Concealer.

Means you can work with posts that aren’t 100% straight and that a burglar can’t find

a leverage point between posts and the Crimsafe screens.

Outdoor Security Screens | Security Screen Patio Enclosures
Patio Security Screen | Sliding Patio Security Screen Doors
Pool / Fencing

Home owners and builders are using security screen fencing to protect patios, courtyards, rooftop entertaining areas, pools and balconies keeing out the intruders.

Porch Enclosure

Porch enclosures allow you to secure an exterior area, making it insect proof with floor to ceiling screens.

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