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  • Double Hung Windows

  • Sliding Windows 

  • Casement Windows

  • Jalousie Windows

  • Awning Windows

Outswing or Inswing Emergency Egress

Outswing security screens mount on the exterior and feature easy-to-use push bar release when emergency egress is required.

Inswing security screens are designed to be installed on the inside of buildings and swing inwards. They feature a keyless lock system that releases with a simple turn and pull of the release handle. 

When closed, screens are secured with a triple “anti-jimmy” locking system that cannot be easily pried open, kicked in or cut keeping your family safe.

Emergency Egress Screens | Security Window Screens
Emergency Egress

The Quick Escape System has an easy release push mechanism that also acts as a secure tamper-resistant device that locks the screen closed.


Keyless Exit and Quick Release.

In an emergency you can get out of the house fast with the turn and pull release.

Inswing Emergency Egress.

Full Length Locking Stile. Increased strength due to continuous contact with the frame.

Outswing Emergency Egress.

Full length integrated hinge. Means no sagging and also increases the window’s resistance under attack.

Three-tier Anti-jimmy System.

A burglar must get through 3 physical barriers to get at the Safe-S-Cape’s lock.

Easy Access to Surface Window. The panel swings away from the interior window surface, enabling easy cleaning.

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